Phil Dobbie has produced and presented thousands of podcasts, mostly specialising in business, management, finance and technology. Get in touch (below) if you need help producing a podcast for your business or media outlet.

Here are some examples.

The Morning Call

For several years the Australian finance community has woken up to this daily podcast, produced for the National Australia Bank. It highlights factors influencing the money markets, in a timely, entertaining way.  More episodes here

The Debunking Economics Podcast

Each week Phil talks to contrarian economist Steve Keen about the economy, often focusing on how conventional economists have got it all wrong. This episode asks, Trump – Good or Bad for America? More episodes here

Executive Central Podcast

Produced for Brisbane-based Executive Central, this podcast focuses on sound management advice. It’s down to earth common-sense approach explains how businesses should operate. More episodes here.


For many years Crosstalk was a must-listen for those working in the Australian telecommunications industry. Produced for the industry journal CommsDay it provided insights from business leaders and politicians, much of it about the government’s contentious broadband policy.  More episodes  here.


There were 860 episodes of BTalk, a daily  podcast produced for the CBS business site BNET, and now available on